Virtualization and Cloud Services Provider

Virtualization and Cloud Services Provider

Virtualization allows your company the ability to scale up or down as needed. Whether it’s a matter of creating an onsite dedicated server room or moving to a virtual private cloud, there are many benefits to virtualizing your company’s data. Through virtualization, we will take your dedicated server and partition it into smaller virtual servers to maximize your resources and decrease downtime during routine maintenance. It also saves your company money by reducing maintenance fees and lowering energy bills.

Streamline your company’s operations with cloud computing. Cloud services can prevent data loss, ensure redundancy and simply lend your business more processing power.

  • Hosted/onsite server virtualization
    If you currently have a dedicated onsite server, our team can take the data stored on your dedicated server and divide it between smaller servers which will not only allow for greater scalability, it will also reduce your overhead expenses.
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), or offsite cloud management
    Hosting your data in the cloud eliminates the need for costly hardware and allows your company to access data wherever they are located, on-demand. If you are interested in cloud computing but haven’t made the move yet, our team can develop a plan to migrate your server with as little downtime as possible.